Merry Christmas 2009!

Hello all, and welcome to the Starks e-Christmas update!

IMG40D_02189.JPG2009 has been a fun and interesting year for the Santa Rosa Starks.  Little Benjamin is growing like a weed, and at 18 months old, is about 34 inches tall and 31 lbs.  Ben has all of his teeth short of his 2-year molars, and is starting to put on more hair.  He’ll probably be due for his first haircut around the first of the year.  He’s been walking since May (11 months), and is starting to run these days.

Ben’s language skills are developing as well.  He has about 30 words in his sign vocabulary, and is just starting to add verbal words other than “Da Da” to his repertoire.  He is very “talkative” with his sign words, and seems compelled to point things out all the time, like passing trucks, barking dogs, birds in the trees, and cats to chase!  Ben is also starting to IMG40D_01847.JPGmake jokes like knowingly calling one thing something else and looking at you and laughing when he does it, or putting puzzle pieces in the wrong place and doing the same.

Ben is very curious and therefore likes to help around the house with vacuuming, laundry, and anything else that involves a machine.

Ben continues to update his blog on a regular basis so that people can keep up with his antics.  He hopes that you’ll tune in and leave comments – he loves feedback!

Jennifer (aka “Mommy”) has transitioned back to a 75% work schedule at Agilent, and so is officially a working Mom.  Wil (aka “Daddy”) doesn’t really know how she does it all, but is sure glad that she does!

Wil continues to enjoy his job working at Agilent, though this past year has been pretty rough with the economic downturn.  For the people that didn’t lose their jobs, it means more work to do in the same or less time!  Wil does his best to leave work on time to get home and see Ben, who always seem eager to welcome “Da Da” back home.  Wil is looking forward to Ben being able to communicate even better, as he is very curious as to what is on little Ben’s mind!

The Starks have enjoyed all of the visitors we’ve received this year, and also our visit down to the Southland this summer.  We hope to continue to see friends and family so that Ben can get to know of these wonderful people.


Merry Christmas!