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Giants vs. Reds

July 27th, 2016. (8 years, 1 month old.) by ben

We saw the Giants play the Reds.  This time, we sat near the Giants dugout.  Yep, that’s Buster Posey, right there.

We stopped and saw the championship trophies.  I think I look pretty good next to those, don’t I?

It was a long day, though.

Home Repairs

July 3rd, 2016. (3 years, 5 months old.) by andrew

Every home needs repairs occasionally.

Ben and I are repairing the roof tiles today.

Light Reading

June 14th, 2016. (8 years old.) by ben

Ho hum.  Just catching up on baseball stats for the week…

Volcano Experiment

June 14th, 2016. (3 years, 5 months old.) by andrew

We finally got some time to the Volcano experiment.

This was really fun! I got to paint the volcano, and make lots of lava bubbles with my chemical dropper.  Daddy says the paint would have stayed on the volcano if we had waited for it to dry before we ran lava all over it.  Oh well.  Some experiments must be rushed!  Maybe next time.

Home Repairs

June 12th, 2016. (3 years, 5 months old.) by andrew

When Daddy get the ladder out, I get to have a turn, too.  I like to make repairs on my house, just like Daddy!

Cement Truck Visit

May 21st, 2016. (3 years, 4 months old.) by andrew

I never miss a chance to see a big truck in the neighborhood!

Daddy always takes me out to go see.  Thanks, Daddy!

In the garden with Mommy

May 16th, 2016. (3 years, 4 months old.) by andrew

Gardening with Mommy is always fun.  There’s always something to see or do.  And she loves sharing!

Player’s Choice Game

May 15th, 2016. (7 years, 11 months old.) by ben

I got to pitch in this year’s Player’s Choice game.  Here I am warming up:

I pitched 1 2/3 shutout innings before coach put another player in to pitch.

Here I am moving to the outfield after pitching:

Not only did I get to start the game as the home team pitcher, I got to finish it by scoring the last run of the game on this clutch bunt down the 3rd base line which I beat out:

(Ed. Note: 5 run limit per team per inning.  Go Ben!)

Student of the Week

May 4th, 2016. (7 years, 11 months old.) by ben


I’m student of the week this week and this is part of my project.  My classmates get to learn all about… me!


Goat Encounter

April 29th, 2016. (3 years, 3 months old.) by andrew

So, there was this girl, walking her goat down my street. Talk about love at first sight! That goat was so friendly and furry and fun to pet, I just didn’t want to stop!

And his name?  Billy!

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