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Ma and Pa Visit – Sturgeon’s Mill

September 19th, 2015. (2 years, 8 months old.) by andrew

Ma and Pa came to visit us.  We had a great time visiting.  We saw them at Uncle John’s house, the pool, and they even came to our house to take care of me!

And we went to the saw mill one day.  Here, Ollie and I explore the straddle truck.

And they really do still cut wood when people come to visit the mill.

Those sure are some big saw blades!

The Beach!

September 5th, 2015. (2 years, 7 months old.) by andrew

Yesterday, we took my first trip to the beach.  By the time we got there, I’d eaten 5 squeezies, so I was already having a good time.  And then….

Woah.  Look at all that water…. Fun!

Uncle John was nice enough to take me out wading in the water.  We had a great time!

There was also digging and sand castle building with Ben, Avery, and Ollie.  You would not believe how much sand there is at the beach!

(Ed. Note: Andrew had a great time and seemed to love every minute of it.)

Library Day

September 2nd, 2015. (7 years, 3 months old.) by ben

Daddy stopped by the library on the way home and picked us up some new reading material – good entertainment for the ride home.

(Ed. Note: Gotta love my readers…)