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June 28th, 2009. (12 months, 3 weeks old.) by ben

Ummm… I’m not doing anything Mr. Photographer.   You’re not going to tell M&D, are you?


(Ed. Note: Luckily for all parties involved, the stand base is more stable than it looks!)


June 26th, 2009. (12 months, 3 weeks old.) by ben

M&D keep the best stuff in drawers.  The problem is that I’m just…not…tall…enough to reach in and get all that good stuff out.


To address this issue, I’m growing taller and learning to use my tippy toes.   This works, but isn’t moving the process along as fast as I would like.  So I’m also experimenting with wishful thinking, telekinesis, and outright crying, which can be quicker, but has met with mixed results so far.

Spaghetti… with a fork!

June 23rd, 2009. (12 months, 3 weeks old.) by ben

I finally convinced Mommy fork over the, uh, fork, and let me try eating with it.  Oh, and did you know that parents hoard the best food for themselves?  I’ve discovered that the best things to eat are right there on their plates.  Now that I’ve go the fork, I can reach those plates, too!















Not bad, eh?  Never mind the collateral damage…


Google Diaper

June 21st, 2009. (12 months, 2 weeks old.) by ben

Check out the latest high tech toddler-ware!  The Google diaper!  First Internet search, then email, maps… You knew that diapers couldn’t be far behind.  (Google knows that new parents will buy anything!  And this is something they can actually charge for!)


OK, so they’re not really Google diapers, but Google, if you ever decide to produce you’re own line of diapers, I expect compensation for my idea!

Snake Charmer

June 13th, 2009. (12 months, 1 week old.) by ben

Here I am, once again making my contribution to the world of fashion.

Today’s tots yearn for simple lines and bold colors, but with a tie back to their parents’ and heritage.  Thus, I present the amazing featherless feather boa!


Bold, masculine colors, yet soft feminine curves!  Austere, but cute!


No child should be without this must-have go-anywhere accessory!

Walkin’ with Mommy

June 10th, 2009. (12 months, 1 week old.) by ben

Lately, I’ve been enjoying just walking out the front door and exploring the neighborhood – with Mommy around to make sure nothing is too scary, of course.


There’s all kinds of really neat stuff outside, like grass, trees, bushes, rocks, and bugs!

Future Career: Plastic Surgeon

June 7th, 2009. (12 months old.) by ben

The other day, I became acquainted with a new career option: Plastic Surgery!


During my first attempt at rhinoplasty, I discovered that most surgeons (a) don’t operate on themselves, and (b) use instruments less blunt than a concrete sidewalk when going to work.

I guess I still have a few things to learn.  But then again, I’m only 1.

Visit from Ma and Pa

June 5th, 2009. (12 months old.) by ben

Ma and Pa came up to visit for my first birthday.  Here we are, posing for the obligatory photograph.  Can you tell I’m ready to move on and get to the action?


Grandma figured out really quickly how fun it is to rough-house on the couch!


Grandma, you can come visit anytime!

Visit from Great Aunt Barb

June 3rd, 2009. (12 months old.) by ben

Great Aunt Barbara came up to visit last week.  She brought me a Corduroy book for my birthday that we read together on the couch.  We had a great time visiting!


I have the nicest and most thoughtful relatives!

My First Birthday

June 1st, 2009. (12 months old.) by ben

I had a great first birthday weekend extravaganza!  My Ma and Pa, and Grandpa and Mr. Alton came to visit.  And yesterday, the Knapps all came over to visit and sing to me!

Mommy handled delivery of my first cupcake.  I think the following sequence says it all:








Turns out those wascally cupcakes can be tough to eat!  But I got a piece of ’em!

(Ed. Note: Ben, I’m sure you’ll know what to do when next year rolls around!)