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Baseball Clinic at A’s Stadium!

July 28th, 2015. (7 years, 1 month old.) by ben

Daddy took me down to the Oakland Coliseum for a baseball clinic. We got to go and play on the actual field! And the A’s coaches were coaching us, just like the big league-ers!

Here I am, taking a ground ball from Mike Gallego, the A’s 3rd base coach!

Can you spot me in my Giants hat?  (Daddy, I need an A’s hat… C’mon!)

Then it was on to hitting.

We did rotations through pitching, fly balls, grounders, hitting, catching, and picking off runners (my favorite).

And a big thanks to Chevrolet for putting on this event!  The grounds crew got right to work when we were done as there was an A’s game starting in a few hours.

Back in the Saddle

July 27th, 2015. (7 years, 1 month old.) by ben

I got to go back for another week of horse camp this summer!  And my trusty steed, Johnathan, is still there!

Each day, we take our buddies out of their stalls…

… walk them to the arena…

… and take them for a spin.  I can trot on Johnathan all by myself now!

Giants Game

July 8th, 2015. (7 years, 1 month old.) by ben

After a long time driving, we’re almost there!

Heading in!

Wow!  These are some great seats.  We can really see the players up close!

…like Hunter Pence in right field

Everybody had their Giants gear, of course!  Go GIANTS!

By the end, though, I think the chocolate ice cream (and Giants losing) did me in.

That’s OK, it was a fun ride home with Avery.

4th of July

July 4th, 2015. (7 years, 1 month old.) by ben

Avery got to come with us to Christa’s this year for 4th of July fireworks.

And, WOW, we were right under the fireworks!

Sorry Dad, it is way more fun to watch the fireworks with Avery.

Giants Baseball Camp

July 3rd, 2015. (7 years, 1 month old.) by ben

The first day at camp, I was ready to go.  We got uniforms (Friday night home game) and everything.  (Ed. Note: Eye blacks courtesy of Daddy.)

On the last day, we had the World Series. CJ started us off with some expert coaching.

Daddy caught me warming up for my at bat.

And I hit a home-run!  Check out my home run trot!

And of course you learn the jumping shoulder bump at camp.  Awesome!

In short, Giants camp was awesome!  And did I mention the trip to AT&T park where we got to see the press box, visitor’s dugout and clubhouse, and Giants museum? Awesome!