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Almost Christmas!

December 24th, 2008. (6 months, 3 weeks old.) by ben

Here I am with Daddy gearing up for the big day.  We had a big car trip down, and now I’m getting to meet lots of very friendly new people.  For obvious reasons, they all think I’m great!

One of the new people is my cousin Avery.  I don’t mind sharing my genes and T-shirts with my little cuz.  (Isn’t she cute???)

Christmas is almost here!

My new ride

December 18th, 2008. (6 months, 2 weeks old.) by ben

Since I’ll soon be out of my current carseat/stroller combo, M&D had to do something to keep showing me off to the neighbors.  They got me a BOB stroller.  Compared to the old one, this one has a smooth ride (thanks to the pneumatic tires and ball bearings), and a great forward facing seat so I can finally start giving directions!

Feet! I have feet!

December 16th, 2008. (6 months, 2 weeks old.) by ben

Boy, this all anatomical Christmas wish is really paying off!  Just the other day, I discovered my feet!  Now all this standing is starting to make some sense.  And all those stories about ‘little piggies’… There they are!

Oh, and they taste good, too.

Also, it seems I’ve finally found something I can do that M&D can’t!

Christmas Letter

December 15th, 2008. (6 months, 2 weeks old.) by ben

M&D wanted me to let everyone know that their Christmas Letter is online here.  Check it out! (It’s mostly about me…)  Oh, and here’s what the card looks like:

First Tooth!

December 14th, 2008. (6 months, 1 week old.) by ben

Santa is really coming through on my all anatomical Christmas list.  On second thought, if Santa had brought my tooth and left it in my stocking, I bet it would have hurt a lot less.  Hmmm… maybe I need to reconsider this whole ‘teeth’ thing.

Naaaaa.  Today: apple sauce.  Tomorrow: Apples!

Hellooooo up there!

December 13th, 2008. (6 months, 1 week old.) by ben

M&D decided that I needed to move to the downstairs level on my Pack-N-Play because I was starting to pull up on the sides from the top level.

These digs aren’t bad!  And I can see Atlas better from down here!

Solid Food

December 12th, 2008. (6 months, 1 week old.) by ben

Well, that depends on the definition of ‘solid’, I guess.  But M&D have started giving me rice cereal and apple sauce.  So far, I’m batting about .500 keeping getting the food in – beating most major league baseball players.  Even still, M&D keep saying they think I’ll improve.  Sheesh!  Go easy on a little guy just startin’ out, will ya?

Oh, and I like the homemade applesauce (from home grown apples no less) waaay better than the rice cereal.

Christmas Cookies!

December 9th, 2008. (6 months, 1 week old.) by ben

The other day I got to help make Christmas Cookies for the first time!

Here I am inspecting the final product.  In the future, I’m definitely planning on expanding my role in Quality Control.  Mmmmmm…  (Ed. Note: Is that Uh-huh or Yum?)

I’m also making sure that all the ingredients are of the highest quality.  This year, we started with determining how child-proof the packaging is.

And in other news, Atlas moved on to taking over my swing after M&D took the bouncer away from him.  Cheeky Cat!

Rough Day

December 6th, 2008. (6 months old.) by ben

Ever just have one of those days?  Well, yesterday I started off by giving myself a big scratch on my nose from the edge of my plastic toy bucket.  Ouch!  Then it was a trip to the doctor where I got 4 shots!  Ouch ouch ouch ouch!  And the doctor visit was right in the middle of nap time!

And to top it off, the cat is usurping my throne bouncer!

What’s the world coming to?

Sleeping and Playing don’t mix

December 5th, 2008. (6 months old.) by ben

Do you see how ugly the outcome can be if kids are allowed to sleep and play?  Or rather play and sleep?  I’ve learned my lesson about going down to sleep with toys close at hand.   Luckily this lesson was learned before I got seriously more embarrassing pictures taken!

(Ed. Note: Hee heee!)

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