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No More Crib

December 24th, 2015. (2 years, 11 months old.) by andrew

I got my new bed today, and what’s more, I got to put it together myself – with some help from Daddy of course!

You have to be very careful.  It won’t sleep right if everything isn’t lined up.

Watch me put in the screws and use Daddy’s electric screwdriver!

All this work is making me thirsty!

Finally, it was all done!

I’m all ready to sleep in it!

Grandpa and Nana visit

December 20th, 2015. (7 years, 6 months old.) by ben

After some present opening… we decorated the tree.  You know – Priorities!

It is finally starting to look pretty good.  Andrew was a big help this year.

We also decorated our traditional gingerbread cookies with Nana.

Nana is very good at this!

Of course it is always fun to read with Grandpa and Nana.

I have the coolest umbrella

December 1st, 2015. (2 years, 10 months old.) by andrew

Everybody says so when they see it.

I use it as much as I can – even when Daddy says we don’t really need it.