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Grandpa and Nana visit

December 20th, 2015. (7 years, 6 months old.) by ben

After some present opening… we decorated the tree.  You know – Priorities!

It is finally starting to look pretty good.  Andrew was a big help this year.

We also decorated our traditional gingerbread cookies with Nana.

Nana is very good at this!

Of course it is always fun to read with Grandpa and Nana.

Ma and Pa Visit – Sturgeon’s Mill

September 19th, 2015. (2 years, 8 months old.) by andrew

Ma and Pa came to visit us.  We had a great time visiting.  We saw them at Uncle John’s house, the pool, and they even came to our house to take care of me!

And we went to the saw mill one day.  Here, Ollie and I explore the straddle truck.

And they really do still cut wood when people come to visit the mill.

Those sure are some big saw blades!


June 9th, 2015. (7 years old.) by ben

Daddy and I took a trip down to visit Grandpa and Nana, and we spent a day at Disneyland!

We started out with Big Thunder Mountain, which Daddy said would be fun and not too scary.

I think he was right.

With that under my belt, it was on to Space Mountain.

We went on three times.  AWEEEEESOOOOOMEEEEEE!!!!

Then we had some popcorn (thanks again, Grandpa!), and it was off to Frontier Land.  We did some shooting and I hit two targets on my first try.

Then I was ready for another big ride, so it was Splash Mountain next.  That ended up being my favorite ride.

Next it was Indiana Jones (awesome), ice cream, Dumbo, the parade, Toontown, train ride, and Splash Mountain again.

Whew!  What a great day!

(Ed. Note: Thanks Grandpa for coming with us.  It was great to have you there!)

Races with Grandpa

June 3rd, 2015. (2 years, 4 months old.) by andrew

The first order of business was to sit in Grandpa’s race car.  Oh. Yeah.

There’s lots to see at the races!

Next, it was time to go see Grandpa race!  We went off to the big seats.

Here we are, ready to watch!

After we got back, Daddy took me for a ride on the scooter!

And then I had some cookies with Ben.  I’m really starting to like these races.

And it gets, EVEN BETTER.  The scooter had some tools in the seat, and it needed some work.  I was all over that.

Lastly, I tried on Grandpa’s helmet just in case he lets me drive his car.  Maybe next time?

Grandma and Grandpa visit

December 24th, 2014. (23 months, 1 week old.) by andrew

Grandpa and Grandma came to visit for Christmas, and they gave me this cool new tractor!

They also gave Ben a bunch of play money along with a big square of cardboard.

Grandpa and Grandma and Ben sat around, looking at and touching these things for a while.  I dunno.

It was really great seeing Grandma and Grandpa.

Grandpa and Nana visit

December 23rd, 2014. (23 months, 1 week old.) by andrew

Grandpa and Nana came to visit for Christmas.  They are really great because they helped me do the things I really like to do, like reading:

… and playing with Play-Doh.

I was very proud of the pancakes I rolled out with Grandpa’s help!


Family Photos

October 9th, 2014. (6 years, 4 months old.) by ben

Well, it’s that time of year again.  We took some pictures with Jeneanne.  This year I got to keep Andrew from falling off of rocks and into the water while she was taking pictures of us – big job!

Ma and Pa were with us, too, which was a lot of fun.

Airplane! Truck! Grandma! Grandpa!

August 13th, 2014. (19 months old.) by andrew

I went on my first airplane trip!

It was fun seeing all the airplane stuff, and playing with the tray in front of me, but the flight was waaaaay too long.

At least after we got off the airplane I got to see Grandma and Grandpa.  Grandma read me a story before bedtime.

And going for a walk with Grandpa was fun.

And Grandpa has a very cool green truck.  It reminds me of my Little Blue Truck book.  We got to go for lots of rides!


And I got to help move the gate up and down!…

…and play golf in the back!

On the airplane ride home I was just too tired to stay awake.

What a fun trip!

Wedding Trip and LegoLand!

August 13th, 2014. (6 years, 2 months old.) by ben

We went down to cousin Christine’s wedding.  Our rental car had a trunk big enough to use as a PJs changing room!

Before the wedding, we went to LegoLand where we saw lots of Legos and went on roller coasters and saw a 3D show about Clutch Powers!  They have lots of Star Wars Legos there now!

I got to be in the wedding.  I was the ring bearer.  This meant I got to go practice, which included sitting in the dugout with the groom guys.  (Ed Note: Looks more like the penalty box!)

Of course, cousin Avery was in the wedding, too.  She was a flower girl.  Doesn’t she look nice?

I had a great time at the party after the wedding.  Dancing to the music and getting chocolate from the fountain was really fun!  I can’t wait until my next wedding!  Does anybody need a ring-bearer?


December 25th, 2013. (5 years, 6 months old.) by ben

For Christmas, I got lots of Legos.  First, my WWII airplane, which can hold two passengers, and you can make the propeller turn by pushing the tail wheel!  (And of course, I’d already gotten some great sets from Grandpa and Nana!)

Grandma and Grandpa Harris came to visit for Christmas Day, and they got me the cargo airplane set.  It has a gigantic cargo jet plane, and a cargo loader, fuel truck, fork lift, control tower, and cargo!  I have a whole airport now!

It wasn’t all presents, though.  Grandma got to do some visiting with goo-goo bear while she was here.  (Is that a Lego he’s holding?)

It was great to see you, Grandma and Grandpa!

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