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The five P’s of a good birthday

May 29th, 2012. (3 years, 11 months old.) by ben

I invited a few school friends over for a birthday party. I’d like to share the five P‘s of a good birthday party with you.


Play structure.

Pin the tail on the donkey.

Personalizing your cupcake with your Pals. (I have been asking Mommy if we could do this for months.)

Thanks to my good friend Uncle Rick for lighting (and relighting) my candle when the wind blew it out.

My readers may not know this, but now that I’m 4 I’ve done this a few times and I know: it takes a lot of face-scrunching to blow a candle out.

Gone Fishin’

May 28th, 2012. (3 years, 11 months old.) by ben

Today, M&D took me fishing at a local fishin’ hole.  They had a dock and everything.

I started by practicing with the net.  I got me!

Then Daddy got our hook in the water and I did some reeling.

After a while, I left the fishing to Daddy and I just did the netting.  Here we are, catching our 4th fish!

We’re planning to have fish for dinner tonight.  Anybody know how to cook trout?  Anyone?

Ed. Note: Thanks Jim for the loan of the pole and tackle!

Rose Parade

May 25th, 2012. (3 years, 11 months old.) by ben

At the Rose Parade, you can always be sure to find lots of fire trucks. And they’re just sittin’ around not doing anything.  Perfect for climbing and exploring!

The bad part was that there was a lot of waiting before it was time to go – and no fire trucks by us!

The troops were starting to get restless… just like those ‘occupy’ people we see in the newspaper!  Lots of signs, some screaming, and no clear idea about what is going on!

But once we got going, all was well.  We were behind another band again this year, which made marching in the parade really fun!


May 23rd, 2012. (3 years, 11 months old.) by ben

Today was just plain tiring.  And that splinter I got didn’t help, either.  Sometimes, you just need to turn in early…

Mother’s Day

May 17th, 2012. (3 years, 11 months old.) by ben

To wish Mommy a Happy Mother’s Day, we went to the park for a picnic.  Mommy is such a good Mommy that she even made chocolate peanut butter brownie balls, and I got to eat some! Snarf.

Go Mommy!


May 14th, 2012. (3 years, 11 months old.) by ben

Last week it was Jack and Elliott’s birthday party.  They’re only just turning 3, so they needed all the help they could get eating that cake and ice cream.  I was happy to help!  Yum!

Work Day at School

May 8th, 2012. (3 years, 11 months old.) by ben

The big work party day finally arrived.  I couldn’t wait!

I wore my safety vest and hard hat, and brought my shovel and wheelbarrow.  I was ready!

Today we were going to move the sand out of the far yard playground, and put in some new wood chips!

We started digging!

And barrowing.  Luckily, some friends came to help, so it was fun while we were working!

Check out my dumping technique!

Sometimes you have to stop so your photographer can get that “money shot”.

After we finished moving the sand out, it was time for a break!

Some water and some really yummy cookies really made it all worth it.

And how often do you get to sit on a gigantic pile of sand like this?

After the break was over, it was time to move the chips.  I started by surveying the situation.

Then it was time to get to work filling my wheelbarrow and hauling those ‘chips down to the yard…

Here I go!

And of course, it is good to have help.  We had a lot of work to do!

And here’s the dump!

And here’s the video highlights!

When you’re working hard, it’s hard pay attention to keeping sand out of your shoes.  You can see how hard I was working!

Boy was that a fun day!

Ice Cream Hat

May 5th, 2012. (3 years, 11 months old.) by ben

Mommy has been working on this hat for me for a while, and she finally finished it!

I call it my ‘ice cream’ hat.  The colors look like yummy ice cream!

Trip to the ER

May 3rd, 2012. (3 years, 11 months old.) by ben

Last week, I got to take a trip to the emergency room.  Not that it was any fun.  They said I had a high temperature and the stomach flu.  Yuck.

But M&D and the doctor took good care of me.

Easter Visit with Avery

May 1st, 2012. (3 years, 11 months old.) by ben

We had a quick trip to visit Avery and Ma and Pa’s house.  Avery and I really cleaned up on the Easter egg hunt!

Better yet, we got to enjoy the spoils!  As Pa would say, Mmmmmm Mmmmm!!

Ma told us some scary Little Mermaid stories before bedtime…

… and Aunt Danee read us some way cool Star Wars stuff.

I can’t wait to visit with Avery again!