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November 26th, 2012. (4 years, 5 months old.) by ben

I just got back from my Thanksgiving trip to SoCal, and I wanted to share my trip to Legoland!

Even before we got into the park, we could tell we were in the right place.  As Mommy would say, “Daddy and I were in the target market”.

First up was a ride on my first roller coaster: the Coastersaurous!

I wasn’t scared at all.  It was really fun!  You go up a hill, and then down and around two circles… then you get to do it again!

We also went on the Sky Patrol helicopters.  I got to show Daddy how to make it go up and down and turn around!

Later, it was the Flight Squadron airplanes.  Daddy did a great job of going on the rides with me so we could have fun together.

We had lunch, and I got a special treat: Chocolate covered marshmallows with M&Ms stuck on. Yum.

I had a great time with Grandma Harris, Mommy, and Daddy.  I can’t wait to go back next time!

Crash Landing

November 15th, 2012. (4 years, 5 months old.) by ben


My Buddy Atlas

November 7th, 2012. (4 years, 5 months old.) by ben

Lately, Atlas has been sleeping a lot, which makes it really easy to pet him – and take pictures!

He’s the best kitty ever!

First Purchase

November 5th, 2012. (4 years, 5 months old.) by ben

A while ago I took my money I’d saved up and I bought my first Lego set.

It was hard choosing a set that Daddy said I had enough money for, but when Daddy said he’d lend me an extra $2, the deal was sealed!


November 4th, 2012. (4 years, 5 months old.) by ben

On the Saturday before Halloween, my buddy Jehan and I went to Howarth Park for the trick or treat party.  We got to warm up our “trick-or-treat” voices – and get some candy!

I dressed as a construction worker, and Jehan was Spiderman.

And before Halloween can really get started, you have to carve your pumpkins, right?  Here I am showing Daddy how to get the guts out!

Before the big night we turned off all the lights to see if our Jack-o-Lantern was spooky enough.  Looks good!

When the big night came, I decided to go as a pizza.  This costume leaves the arms free for good access to the candy.

It was raining, so M&D wanted me to wear my rain coat.  I got lots of candy and M&D let me eat four pieces because I’m Four!