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Taylor’s Birthday at Pump it Up

June 22nd, 2012. (4 years old.) by ben

Here I am, going down the big slide!  Weeeeeeeeeee!

Oh, and it was fun to see my friends and wish Taylor a Happy Birthday, too!  (Maybe next time my photographer will take more pictures instead of going on the slide with me.)

Workin’ Man

June 15th, 2012. (4 years old.) by ben

Now that I’m four years old, I get to put out the trash can all by myself. I’m a professional!

Hello, Herb.

June 13th, 2012. (4 years old.) by ben

I have a special job to help Mommy with watering on the back deck.  Most of the water gets on my feet, but some of it gets on the plants!   I always try my best, though.

Dinner Hike at Zoey’s

June 10th, 2012. (4 years old.) by ben

I always like going to visit my friend Zoey.  Last time we went on a hike for dinner.

We had a picnic dinner with lots to eat!

On the way back, we needed to stop and rest.  It was a long hike!

A Day at the Races

June 8th, 2012. (4 years old.) by ben

Every year Grandpa Stark and David A. come to visit for my birthday and they bring Grandpa’s race car! We got to go to the races again this year. I’m a pro at going to the races.

First, you have to inspect the car before the race to make sure it is ready to drive.

Then it is time for me to do a little driving of my own.

Then we watched Grandpa’s race group line up in pre-grid.

Grandpa is in car 71. I kept a close eye on Grandpa and David to make sure they saw the race coordinators give them the cue to start driving!

Mommy and I watched the race from the grandstand. Those race cars are really loud, so I’m glad I had my ear covers.

I saw Grandpa drive by lots of times!

After the race, we all had chocolate chip cookies. This is one of my favorite parts of going to the races!

And, as a special treat now that I’m four, Grandpa took me for a ride on the moped. I can’t wait to go to the races again next year!


Birthday with the (Funky) Little Monkeys

June 6th, 2012. (4 years old.) by ben

My playgroup is called the Little Monkeys. This year, I invited all of my Little Monkey friends to a birthday party at… where else but Funky Monkey! Now I am four years old!

We ate pizza and cupcakes. Mmmmm!

I got to drive a fire truck!

I also learned to play Skee Ball. Making faces helps the ball go into the right hole.

Thanks to my Monkey friends for helping me have a great birthday!