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Playtime with Jehan

April 29th, 2012. (3 years, 10 months old.) by ben

My best buddy Jehan came over to play the other day.

I think that even if we only had one tricycle to ride, Jehan would have done a good job sharing.

You can come back any time, Jehan!

The “Chuckster”

April 13th, 2012. (3 years, 10 months old.) by ben

Uncle Darren is always talking about how much he likes the “Chuckster”.  Well, I finally got to visit!

They have a very fun ‘Scoop’ that I got to ride on, and lots of other fun things to do.

I can’t wait to come back!

Visit to the air museum

April 11th, 2012. (3 years, 10 months old.) by ben

It was hot dog day at the air museum, so Mommy took me over, and Daddy even took a “long lunch” so he could come, too.

We looked at lots of airplanes, but the most fun was playing Ex delivery man, and delivering packages from the airplane while Daddy flew the plane.  My friend Elliott helped!

I also got to sit at the controls of this helicopter.  I was a little worried, but the nice man in charge assured me that it would NOT take off.


Visit from Ma and Pa

April 9th, 2012. (3 years, 10 months old.) by ben

Ma and Pa came for a visit, and we went to see the Big Trees.  I’ve been here before, so I could tell them all about the trees.

Here’s a nice shot of some wild Grandparents, and a wild raccoon!  Just Kitten!

(Ed. Note: “Just Kitten!” is Ben’s way of saying “Just Kidding”.  Just in case that wasn’t clear.)


April 8th, 2012. (3 years, 10 months old.) by ben

Easter got started with brunch at school.  I got to sit in the teacher spot!

Then, on Saturday, we went to the park for the big Easter egg hunt.  They had lots of fun things to do, like face painting.  I got a rainbow!

My buddy Jehan and I got a look at the goat, pig, and calf.  We also got to pet some really soft bunnies!

Later, the hunt was about to begin.  We listened carefully to the instructions, like good Otters.

The hunt was on!  Weeeeeee!


After the hunt was over, we talked M&D into a train ride.  Because nothing says Easter like a ride on the train, you know.

Later, it was another hunt for eggs at the Thomassons!

On Easter morning, I did some coloring.  Daddy says he spotted the Easter Bunny and might have got him on film, but I don’t see him in this picture, do you?

Easter Eggs with Ma

April 6th, 2012. (3 years, 10 months old.) by ben

Ma and Pa came to visit, and Ma helped me color some Easter eggs.  We made green, yellow, blue, and pink ones.

I used my very careful hands with the food coloring and eggs.  Don’t they look pretty?!

Avery visit, 2nd unit gag reel

April 5th, 2012. (3 years, 10 months old.) by ben

The second unit finally delivered their footage, and it turns out there was some good stuff on the gag reel.

Boy, that Avery can be silly!