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Gator Towel

May 31st, 2013. (4 months, 2 weeks old.) by andrew

Big brother Ben was nice enough to pass along his ‘gator towel for me to use.

It keeps me nice and warm after bath time!

Penguin Graduation

May 30th, 2013. (4 years, 11 months old.) by ben

This week I graduated from the Penguin class.  We had all the Mommies and Daddies come watch us sing some songs we’d been practicing.

At the end, they called each of our names, and we each got a bag with a “diploma” in it.  Then there were snacks outside!

Sharing at School

May 30th, 2013. (4 years, 11 months old.) by ben

Some days at school are sharing days. The other day I shared my rescue helicopter with my Penguin friends.

Racing with Grandpa

May 30th, 2013. (4 years, 11 months old.) by ben

While Grandpa Stark was visiting, we went out to the races. He likes it when people come to watch him, and I like going out to see him.

I got to drive the racing chair in Grandpa’s race car trailer. It is very fast!

I get to walk around the pits all I want. I wear my ear covers because the race cars are loud!

New Bike!

May 28th, 2013. (4 years, 11 months old.) by ben

M&D got me a new Lightning bike for my birthday!  I got it yesterday, and with lots of practice and some help from Daddy, I’m already riding it.  It’s not even my birthday yet!

This is so fun.  Yay!  I can’t wait to show Grandpa and Nana when they come.

Playing with Andrew

May 25th, 2013. (4 years, 11 months old.) by ben

Andrew likes to watch his animals – and even grab them! I like to help him with the grabbing, which he’s just learning. We have fun together!

Alfie and Me

May 22nd, 2013. (4 years, 11 months old.) by ben

I’d like to introduce my new pet giraffe, Alfie. Right now he’s sleeping in the swing. Shhhh!

Thanks Aunt Jo for sending me my new best friend!

Picnic with Friends

May 22nd, 2013. (4 years, 11 months old.) by ben

Recently, I had a picnic with my friends. We play beanbags, soccer, and just ran around a lot.

We also took a break to cool down and watch some videos…

4 months old

May 20th, 2013. (4 months, 1 week old.) by andrew

Mommy likes to dress me up and take pictures of me on special occasions. I guess turning 4 months old is one of them.

Here I am in my veggie romper!

Grandpa Stark Visits

May 16th, 2013. (4 months old.) by andrew

This is the first time that I’ve gotten to meet Grandpa in person! He’s getting off on the right foot by holding me sharing some fudge with me. Mmmm! Just kidding. I only have Mommy milk!

Grandpa brought a big dog for my big brother. I guess that make sense! He sure looks happy!

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