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Organizational Skills

April 26th, 2010. (22 months, 3 weeks old.) by ben

Here I’m practicing my organizational skills.  I need to keep track of all my important dates (like my upcoming birthday!) on my calendar.


Thanks for my colorful birdie calendar, Grandma!

Watering Strawberries

April 18th, 2010. (22 months, 2 weeks old.) by ben

We had a sunny day recently and those strawberries were thirsty!  They needed water right away, and I was just the one to give it to them.


As you can see, I am very gentle when I water, and each strawberry plant gets individual attention.  I can’t afford to have any drop in strawberry production this year – they’re just too yummy!

Helping Mommy in the Kitchen

April 13th, 2010. (22 months, 1 week old.) by ben

When Mommy is working in the kitchen, I like to help.   I usually get to scoop flour between the mixing bowl and measuring cup, but today Daddy gave me a special task: lentils!  These little black beans are very tricky to keep track of, and they go everywhere if you spill them.  I’m getting pretty good at not spilling them now, but it took some practice.


Easter in LA

April 10th, 2010. (22 months, 1 week old.) by ben

Our trip started with going to the airport, and getting on an airplane!


I got to sit right next to Daddy!  The plane ride was fun because I got to eat snacks for almost the entire time.


And watching the big fans go around and around was fun, too.

We went to visit Grandpa and Nanna, and when we went to lunch, we parked right next to a FIRE ENGINE!

The fireman that was there was very nice and let Daddy and me sit in the driver’s seat!  Wow!


Later, we went to the park and I had fun on the swings…


…and then I spotted a garbage truck rumbling by.  I persuaded Daddy to let me down from the swing so I could chase the truck.  We were in luck as we caught up to José on his break, and he was nice enough to let me up into the cab with him.  WOW!


And then I got to sit with Grandpa in his RACE CAR!  I can’t wait to see Grandpa driving his race car for real!


Later, at Aunt Danee and Uncle Tommy’s house, there was an Easter Egg hunt.  “Cuz” Avery and I found all the eggs in no time flat.  Check out Avery’s swell hat!


Ma got us some nice Easter baskets, and Aunt Danee and Aunt Carol got us bunnies to play with.  Thanks Ma!  And Aunt Danee and Aunt Carol are really Great Aunts.


Oh, and I got a new aunt this weekend, too.  M&D said that while Grandma was looking after me, Uncle Ryan got married to Aunt Liz.  If aunts give you stuff like Easter bunnies, I’m all for having as many aunts as I can!

Dump Truck Work

April 5th, 2010. (22 months old.) by ben

My dump truck is decidedly multi-purpose.  Not only can you move laundry with it, but it will hold the contents of most drawers in the house.  Ask me how I know!


Another day at the salt mines…

April 2nd, 2010. (22 months old.) by ben

Ho hum.  Yet another load of laundry to move.  Do the laundry chores ever end??


Well, I guess as long as I can have some fun doing them, then it’s OK.