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Donuts for breakfast

January 30th, 2009. (7 months, 4 weeks old.) by ben

Today I got to have donuts for breakfast.  Well, only one I guess.

Boy do these go good with oatmeal!  Mmmmmm…

Swinging at the Park

January 25th, 2009. (7 months, 3 weeks old.) by ben

Today, M&D took me to the park to go on the swings!  It was a little cold and windy, though, so we didn’t stay for long.  Maybe next time it will be warmer and I’ll get a chance to practice pumping my legs!

Don’t embarass me, Dad!!!

January 25th, 2009. (7 months, 3 weeks old.) by ben

Really, Dad, right in the middle of my diaper change?

(Ed. Note: Sorry, couldn’t resist.  Too cute!)


January 22nd, 2009. (7 months, 3 weeks old.) by ben

That’s the first straw… that I’ve been able to drink through.  For a while now I’ve been working on the siphoning part, and now I’ve added swallowing.  Viola!  I’ve heard even some one-year olds can’t do this!  Mommy’s water cup will never be safe again!

I have socks…

January 20th, 2009. (7 months, 2 weeks old.) by ben

Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am.”

Proving that I can keep up with the heavyweights, I say “I have socks, therefore I play with them.”


Big shoes to fill

January 17th, 2009. (7 months, 2 weeks old.) by ben

Literally!  I was getting a little worried that it might be hard to do…

… but then M&D said they’d help me “every step of the way”, so I felt better.

(Hopefully I can grow into the shoes but avoid the corny sense of humor!)

The “Headshake” Game

January 15th, 2009. (7 months, 2 weeks old.) by ben

This is a game I invented on the trip down to LA for Christmas.  Waaaaay fun.

Tooth #2

January 13th, 2009. (7 months, 1 week old.) by ben

Like the Loch Ness Monster, my second tooth is seldom seen and even more rarely photographed.  But I slipped up and Daddy got one.  He and Mommy were just making me laugh too much!

Crib mechanic

January 10th, 2009. (7 months, 1 week old.) by ben

Here you can see Daddy doing my 6 month / 2000 hour crib maintenance work.

As you can see he’s lowering the suspension for that cool ‘older kid’ look.

I’m told the work also includes ‘checking the fluids’ (perhaps he meant ‘absence of fluids’?), lubing the drawer bearings, and torquing the fasteners.

That all sounds great, but I decided to decline the optional bumper pad rotation and mattress pad de-pilling, which really sounded unnecessary and even a little suspicious!

And I have to say, are the air tools from Grandpa really necessary for this job?  Well, I’m sure Daddy knows what he’s doing!  Tonight I’m gonna sleep really well!

Walking is fun!

January 8th, 2009. (7 months, 1 week old.) by ben

The last couple of days have been fun for me and kinda hard on M&D’s backs (particularly M). Check it out!

Rest of the house: Here I come!

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