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June 14th, 2016. (3 years, 5 months old.) by andrew

Sometimes Daddy takes us out for FroYo.  He lets us pick our flavor and scoop our own toppings.

Nothing wrong with that.  Absolutely nothing.

Trying on Daddy’s Sweatshirt

June 13th, 2016. (3 years, 5 months old.) by andrew

Hmmm… Too big. But Super Fun!!!

He he heeee!


June 4th, 2016. (8 years old.) by ben

The Yankees won the Farms Championship!  Yay!  And I hit a bases loaded walk-off double right over the right fielder’s head!

Just look at this trophy!  Oh boy!

The team is pretty excited:

I also earned game balls from the coach for “Hustle” and “Iron Man”:

Can’t wait ’till next year!

Player’s Choice Game

May 15th, 2016. (7 years, 11 months old.) by ben

I got to pitch in this year’s Player’s Choice game.  Here I am warming up:

I pitched 1 2/3 shutout innings before coach put another player in to pitch.

Here I am moving to the outfield after pitching:

Not only did I get to start the game as the home team pitcher, I got to finish it by scoring the last run of the game on this clutch bunt down the 3rd base line which I beat out:

(Ed. Note: 5 run limit per team per inning.  Go Ben!)

What a Baseball Day

April 10th, 2016. (7 years, 10 months old.) by ben

First we went to see the Seawolves play, and I got to be the bat boy.

The home place umpire was very nice.  We were on a first name basis after a short while.  The Seawolves won that game!

After that, I had my game – and we won, too!  Here I am pitching:

I pitched the first inning on 6 pitches, when I made two plays to first and got one strikeout!  Go Yankees!


March 27th, 2016. (7 years, 9 months old.) by ben

First we went on a big Easter Egg hunt.  We started by taking a picture with the big guy…

Andrew got into it right away!

The 7 year-old’s hunt was downright scary:

We got quite a haul.

Later, we made our own ice cream in the ice cream ball.  I guess Andrew liked it!

Playing in the rain

March 5th, 2016. (7 years, 9 months old.) by ben

I’m not sure why we seemed to be the only ones outside on such a beautiful day!

Souped up Snap Circuits

March 3rd, 2016. (3 years, 1 month old.) by andrew

Good thing Daddy knows about batteries. We got the fan to go really high!

Climbed a Rock, Yeah!

January 29th, 2016. (3 years old.) by andrew

(Ed. Note: Andrew’s excitement says it all…)


November 7th, 2015. (7 years, 5 months old.) by ben

Daddy took us to the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County.  They have some really fun stuff there!

Like this railroad car that you can sit in – and watch a train drive all around the museum on the screen.

Then there’s the wall where you can write with light pens.

And doodling with light bars.  You stick the colored light bars in a hole – and they light up!  Like magic!

Then there was the puppet theater, complete with a multi-colored light board.

And there was a giant Thomas Train track that you could climb under and come up right in the middle.  Need I say more?

Then there was the doctor’s office.

And at the dentist’s office, you could use the X-ray camera to take pictures of the patient.  Here Andrew is X-raying his hands!

This cool thing would suck these yarn-ball-things through the pipes and you could watch them race around, and change their paths by flipping some switches.

And that was just the inside!

Outside they had a giant Ornithopter!

Andrew was really digging it.

And, of course, giant tires to climb on.

We had a great time!

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