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SunRiver part 1 – Lake Shasta Caverns

June 27th, 2011. (3 years old.) by ben

M&D and I took a trip to Oregon this summer.  It was a long, long drive, but I got to see lots of Ex and PS trucks on the road while we were driving.  I also got to see lots of roadwork up close, including front loaders, dump trucks, excavators, asphalt spreaders, steam rollers, and bulldozers.  For some reason, M&D didn’t take any pictures of those machines, so I can’t show them to you here.

The first real stop on our trip was at Lake Shasta Caverns.  We got to start with a boat ride across the lake, which was the best part of the tour if you ask me!

After the boat ride was a bus ride up the hill.  I directed the bus where to back up and park.

Then we went inside and saw some funny rocks all stuck to the ceiling.  Weird.

After that we stayed in a hotel, and I got to make lots of deliveries with the cart they let me borrow.

The next day was more driving to get to SunRiver.  After going to bed late the night before, I was ready to take a snooze in the car for the last leg of the trip.

Next up: SunRiver!

New Bed Update

June 26th, 2011. (3 years old.) by ben

I’ve had my new bed for a couple of months now, and I’m getting quite comfortable with it.  Me and Lightnin’ Lightning and I are real buddies now.   My crib has been moved out! So long, bars!

Now that I’m 3, I’m also old enough to wear underwear and use the potty!

Two-th Brush

June 9th, 2011. (3 years old.) by ben

When you’re 3, you get a 2nd toothbrush so you can brush faster and get back to playing quicker.  Hooray!

3rd Birthday

June 5th, 2011. (3 years old.) by ben

I turned three this week, and to celebrate, we had cupcakes.  And being three means I’m old enough to know not to grab the candle while it is burning!

Grandpa Stark came up with David for the big occasion.  I know that the race weekend thing was just a cover story because nobody would actually want to drive in the rain.  Right?

Grandpa brought me this very cool lawnmower.  I’ve very good at getting the wrapping paper off of presents now that I’m three.

Grandpa did make good on his cover story, and I was there to see him.  I cheered for him and waved as he sailed down the straightaway.

Grandpa takes good care of his fans, and he came through with a bag of cookies for his most dedicated fan.  (Did I mention it was raining?)

Of course, I made sure to find my own car to drive, just like last year.

Later, Grandpa and I had some quality Stark bonding time playing with his fancy phone.  What can I say, it’s in the genes!