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Seals on the Bus

June 27th, 2010. (2 years old.) by ben

Lately I’ve started singing along to some of my favorite songs.  Here, I accompany Daddy on ‘Seals on the Bus’.

My other favorite songs are ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ and ‘Old MacDonald’.

Birthday Puzzle

June 25th, 2010. (2 years old.) by ben

Uncle John and Aunt Heather got me this BIG dinosaur puzzle with lots of pieces for my birthday.  This one is really challenging and I need help from M&D to fit the pieces in.


June 15th, 2010. (2 years old.) by ben

After the visit to the farm, we stopped at this place called In-N-Out Burger for some chow.

Mommy was nice enough to split her yummy cheeseburger with me.  And those “french fry” thingies are really good, too.

When can we come back, M&D?


June 13th, 2010. (2 years old.) by ben

Yesterday, M&D took me on an adventure to see some cows!  We went to McClelland Dairy Farm, where they have lots and lots of them, and they offer tours.

At first, I was a little worried about what cows eat.  Turns out this young Jersey calf was just being friendly, and NOT trying to eat Daddy’s watch.  Phew!

Of course, then she started to go for Mommy’s pocket.  I kept a close eye on her after the watch incident.

Mr. George McClelland gave the tour, which included a chance to milk one of his prize show cows, Valentine.  At 1600 lbs, Valentine was a bit imposing, so I decided to leave the milking to the professionals.  Maybe next time.

And here are the professionals at work in the milking parlor:

(Ed. Note: Thanks to Laurie Proctor for the pictures (and for organizing the outing through SRMC). Daddy forgot his camera…)

Some fun facts:

  • The cows can produce between 5 and 14 gallons of milk a day, depending on their diet (low protein grass yields lower milk production, high protein feed results in higher milk production).
  • It takes 4 to 20 minutes for the cow to get milked in the parlor.  Each of their 800 cows are milked twice a day.
  • Cows have a 9 month gestation period, and they live from 6 to 14 years.
  • Cows are kept in individual stalls (as pictured above) for the first months after they are born so that the farmers can monitor their health and keep them away from other cows that might be sick.
  • The milk from McClelland’s Dairy goes to Clover Stornetta, which is the brand of milk we buy!

Race Day

June 10th, 2010. (2 years old.) by ben

Last weekend, Grandpa and Uncle David brought Grandpa’s race car up to the track by us to go racing!  M&D took me out to the track to see what this was all about.

The first order of business was getting to wear these big ear thingies, which was really the pits.  I mean, I had to wear them in the pits.

Of course, I got to experience the race just like Grandpa does: complete with Chips Ahoy cookies sitting in one of Grandpa comfy race chairs! Grandpa, you can invite me to the races anytime.

I quickly found my critical role as morale boostin’ high-fiver.  It’s just a good thing I was done with my cookies when it was time for Grandpa to go.  I got to give Grandpa the big good luck sign as he headed out to the track.

Then we went to the stands to watch.  Boy do those cars go fast.  When they weren’t driving by, I had fun climbing up and down the chairs.

And on the way back to Grandpa’s parking place, I found a car of my own to drive!  Somebody left this one unlocked with the keys in the ignition!  I got to turn the steering wheel and everything!

I can’t wait to come see Grandpa race next year!

Stephanie’s Birthday

June 7th, 2010. (2 years old.) by ben

Recently, we went to Mathias and Delia’s house for Stephanie’s birthday. I got to play with Chloe, and June taught me all about badminton.

Here I am, ready to receive serve.

The best part? Ice Cream Cake. Who knew such a thing existed?!

My 2nd Birthday

June 1st, 2010. (2 years old.) by ben

Today is my 2nd birthday!  Yay!  Take a look at my stylish new crab jammies from Cousin Kristine!  Thanks, cuz!

And Auntie Linda got me this neat wooden toy crane.  Way fun!  I think being 2 is going to be a blast!