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October 31st, 2013. (5 years, 4 months old.) by ben

First, there was a parade and a party at school.  I dressed as a fireman.  My 6th grade buddy was dressed as some sort of black wizard.  He said it was hard to see out of his costume.

Then after school, we had a big party.  Ma and Pa were here, and Avery, Ollie, and Uncle John came over, too.  And Jim and Cathy were here, too!

We started our Trick-or-Treating at the Knapps.

After trick-or-treating, we came back to the house to help hand out the candy.  We got chairs right by the door so we would be fast!

Cathy says that she wants to help us practice.


I dressed in my knight costume for trick-or-treating.  Avery was a fairy with light-up wings!  Look at all that candy!  Wow!

Andrew was dressed as Tigger.

I had a great time!

Following in Ben’s Tracks

October 24th, 2013. (9 months, 1 week old.) by andrew

I followed big brother’s steps, and it worked!  He’s a great teacher.

Here I go!  Eye contact!

Make for the target!

Last check.  Still a go for pulling up!


Distracted… by the shoelaces…

Back on track.  Here I go!

I’m a comin’!

Engage smiler!

Wha..?!!  How did I get here?

Just kidding.  I’m just wondering what the big flashy thing is that Daddy is holding.  Daddy, what gives?  And why aren’t you picking me up?

Pumpkin Carving

October 22nd, 2013. (5 years, 4 months old.) by ben

Last weekend was pumpkin carving with the Thomassons.

They all came over and everyone had a pumpkin to carve.  Dan was helping Jack.  He chose a hard vampire pattern.

Here’s Oliver hard at work.  His pumpkin had the most seeds.  I’m not sure if that is good or bad.

And here we are with our finished Jack-o-Lanterns.

Tooth sighting!

October 20th, 2013. (9 months, 1 week old.) by andrew

Well it was bound to happen.  Despite my best efforts, Daddy finally got a picture of my tooth, thus proving its existence to the world.  (He apparently knew about it after I bit him the other day.)

One down, twenty to go!

(Ed. Note: Welcome to the tooth-havers club, Andrew!)

Peter Pumpkin Patch

October 14th, 2013. (5 years, 4 months old.) by ben

We went to the Peter Pumpkin Patch last weekend.  We got there early when it was still foggy and cold.

They had a hay maze!  I figured out how to go through the maze forward and backward in no time at all.  Not bad for my first hay maze.

Then Uncle John, Aunt Heather, Avery, and Ollie arrived and it was time to ride to the pumpkin patch and pick the “perfect” pumpkin.

Boy were there a lot of pumpkins to choose from.  I mean, a LOT.  But for a while there, I had it almost all to myself.

After I found the perfect pumpkin, it was time to see some of the other stuff, like the old tractors…

…the newer tractors…

…the baby cows…

… and the old-timey wagon.  Boy was there a lot of stuff to see!

Later we had some ice cream and took some pictures all together.  It was fun showing Andrew the pumpkins.

I’m looking forward to carving my pumpkin for Halloween!


9 months old

October 12th, 2013. (9 months old.) by andrew

At nine months, I’m sporting my new tongue look.  This is mostly to try and hide my new tooth from M&D – I want to surprise them with it later!

Also, I don’t like posing on my back so much these days.  So Daddy got his assistant to help with an alternative format.

Fun things when you’re nine months old include Puffs (to eat), bananas (to eat), and bigger clothes (to eat).

October Fare

October 6th, 2013. (8 months, 3 weeks old.) by andrew

Looks like Orange Ghoulash on the menu today.  I think it’s turning me orange!

I think M&D are trying to turn me into a pumpkin by Halloween!  But… so yummy! Mmmmm….

Pulling up Practice

October 3rd, 2013. (8 months, 3 weeks old.) by andrew

So many things to pull up on!  And so little time!  And all the things you can see!



Hmmm… what are these shiny things?