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November 7th, 2015. (7 years, 5 months old.) by ben

Daddy took us to the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County.  They have some really fun stuff there!

Like this railroad car that you can sit in – and watch a train drive all around the museum on the screen.

Then there’s the wall where you can write with light pens.

And doodling with light bars.  You stick the colored light bars in a hole – and they light up!  Like magic!

Then there was the puppet theater, complete with a multi-colored light board.

And there was a giant Thomas Train track that you could climb under and come up right in the middle.  Need I say more?

Then there was the doctor’s office.

And at the dentist’s office, you could use the X-ray camera to take pictures of the patient.  Here Andrew is X-raying his hands!

This cool thing would suck these yarn-ball-things through the pipes and you could watch them race around, and change their paths by flipping some switches.

And that was just the inside!

Outside they had a giant Ornithopter!

Andrew was really digging it.

And, of course, giant tires to climb on.

We had a great time!

Baseball Clinic

February 2nd, 2015. (6 years, 8 months old.) by ben

Daddy took me out to a baseball clinic so I could do what I love most: play baseball!

I got to field grounders like Pablo!

And catch fly balls like Hunter!

There was also batting practice!

Too bad I can’t do this every weekend!

Tying my shoes

August 23rd, 2014. (6 years, 2 months old.) by ben

Now that soccer has started and since my cleats have laces, Mommy said I have to learn to tie my shoes.  The good news is that she said she would teach me.  She said it would take 100 times before it got easier, and the first 20 would be the hardest.

So we counted them.

Well, I made it to 100 and it DOES get easier. Yay!

Kitchen Training

August 4th, 2014. (18 months, 3 weeks old.) by andrew

If you bug Mommy while she’s working the kitchen, well, let’s just say that she puts you to work.  Otherwise known as: M&D have started my knife skills training.

Talk about throwing me in the deep end!  Next time, can we start with something like cooked carrots and not Brussels sprouts!  And maybe a spoon!


July 8th, 2014. (17 months, 3 weeks old.) by andrew

I’ve started flipping though books all by myself, just like M&D and brudder do.  It’s all the rage, you know.

This funny looking blue guy with wheels is everywhere in these books!

Writing. About Stuff.

July 6th, 2014. (6 years, 1 month old.) by ben

Now that I’m a big 1st grader and I know how to write, I like to write things down all the time.  Like this “stoore”, for example:


Field Trip to the beach

May 21st, 2014. (5 years, 11 months old.) by ben

I went with my class to the beach today and we got to explore and find lots of crabs, snails, anemones, and other sea creatures.

I had a great time and found lots of fun things to look at!

Stuff you gotta learn

February 15th, 2014. (13 months old.) by andrew

Now that I’ve figured out how to take apart the toilet (Ed. Note: observe part placed on toilet lid…), it’s time to figure out what this shiny handle does…

Snowman homework

January 31st, 2014. (5 years, 7 months old.) by ben

I wrote this story for school homework.  Mommy thought I should share it.

Exploritorium Visit

December 30th, 2013. (5 years, 6 months old.) by ben

Daddy took me to the Exploritorium museum for a visit.  They had all kinds of fun things to see and play with there, like this machine that would change a sound depending on how you set the sliders.  It was trying to show how people can make different sounds by moving their tongues and throats – a question I’d asked Daddy about just the week before!

Here they had some termites to look at. There was a microscope so you could look inside the termite’s tummy and see the germs that help them digest the wood they eat.

We had lunch outside.  I’m posing with my seagull friend.  He was happy to get some bread from me!

There was a giant mirror that made it look like you were floating upside-down in mid air.  Weird.  (See daddy on far left in mirror image.)

We had a great time, but I was so tired out after all that that I fell asleep on the way home!

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