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Pirates Game

July 30th, 2014. (6 years, 1 month old.) by ben

We went to San Francisco today to see the Pirates play the Giants – my first major league baseball game!

Daddy got us really good seats – although he didn’t get us seats where the foul balls kept going.  Next time, I want those seats!

I learned how to really root for your team:

We had some nice treats, like ice cream…

… and this thing Daddy called a ‘churro’.

Awesome!  Except that the Pirates lost (7-5).  Oh well.

It was such an exciting day that I fell asleep in the car on the way home – in my new Giants hat!  Guess I’m a giants fan, now.

Trip to Doran Beach

July 24th, 2014. (6 years, 1 month old.) by ben

M&D and I took a trip out to the beach.  First we went back to the tide pools so I could show Mommy what she missed on the field trip.

Then we went over to the wave beach.  My friend Zoey came to meet us and Daddy buried us in the sand!

I want to go back again!

Yummy Watermelon

July 22nd, 2014. (18 months, 1 week old.) by andrew

We went to the Thomasson’s for dinner and I had this yummy piece of watermelon.



July 20th, 2014. (6 years, 1 month old.) by ben

First, I had to practice at home with my sleeping bag for a few nights.  After that, I was ready!

Then it was over to Avery’s on the appointed evening.  After dinner, we pitched the tent…

…and moved in!

We stayed up late and read stories by flashlight!  Awesome!


July 8th, 2014. (17 months, 3 weeks old.) by andrew

I’ve started flipping though books all by myself, just like M&D and brudder do.  It’s all the rage, you know.

This funny looking blue guy with wheels is everywhere in these books!

Writing. About Stuff.

July 6th, 2014. (6 years, 1 month old.) by ben

Now that I’m a big 1st grader and I know how to write, I like to write things down all the time.  Like this “stoore”, for example:


More Grapes

July 5th, 2014. (6 years, 1 month old.) by ben

Look at me!  I can get M&D to give me more grapes!  Finally!  Mmmmmm!


July 2nd, 2014. (17 months, 2 weeks old.) by andrew

My favorite breakfast item lately is oatmeal.  Can you tell?

Though if I point hard enough, I’ve been able to get Daddy to give me some tastes of Bran Flakes and Puffins.  Wowsers!

(Ed. Note: And now Andrew can point and say “More” in sign language, so I can’t pretend that I don’t know what he’s talking about anymore…)