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Souped up Snap Circuits

March 3rd, 2016. (3 years, 1 month old.) by andrew

Good thing Daddy knows about batteries. We got the fan to go really high!

Lego Race

February 27th, 2016. (7 years, 8 months old.) by ben

Ben built a race course for us to play with.  Ben is the best big brother!

Let the Train Phase Begin

August 2nd, 2015. (2 years, 6 months old.) by andrew

Did you know that there is this train named Thomas?  And Ben has a closet full of Thomases and train cars and tracks!?

And they have Thomas and train tracks at school?  Well, it is all true!

I’m hooked!

(Ed. Note: Some parental help on this track assembly.)

New/used trucks!

December 1st, 2014. (22 months, 2 weeks old.) by andrew

Ah ha!  What’s this doing in my room?

A… garbage truck.  All brightly colored and age-appropriate!  Very interesting!

And this big dump truck is pretty awesome, too!

Now if I could just figure out how to work the buttons…

(Ed. Note: Andrew is very appreciative of the hand-me-down toys.)

Hammering away…

March 24th, 2014. (14 months, 1 week old.) by andrew

You might remember my brudder playing with this toy.  Well, I’ve got it all figured out now, too!

Me and My Alligator

February 5th, 2014. (12 months, 3 weeks old.) by andrew

When I practice walking, I like to have my Alligator with me.

It’s just more fun this way!

New Treasures

February 3rd, 2014. (12 months, 3 weeks old.) by andrew

I found out that M&D (and Ben!) were holding out on me.  There’s this big drawer of interesting treasures in the bathroom.

Just look at this box.  It’s amaaaaazing!  And there’s lots more stuff just like it!

Wagon Sounds

February 1st, 2014. (12 months, 2 weeks old.) by andrew

This new wagon makes some great sounds when you bang on it.  Bang!  Bang!  Bang!

Oh… was I not supposed to be doing that?

Ha Ha.  Good one Daddy!  I’ll go back to banging now!



January 27th, 2014. (12 months, 2 weeks old.) by andrew

Daddy brought the climber in from outside and made it just the right size for me.  Now I can practice my climbing without M&D having to come over and stop me all the time.  How frustrating is that, anyway?

And I DO love to climb!  I started by climbing up the red part here – because that’s what it’s for, right?  It’s a bit challenging, but I’m up to it!

Cozy Driving’

December 13th, 2013. (11 months old.) by andrew

‘Twas a balmy November afternoon, and I got my first chance to drive that fancy red number out in the side yard that I’ve been eyeballing all summer.

Beep beep!  <Smile>

I’m learning to park, too.

Big brother was very nice helping me to learn to drive.  He’s a pro!

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