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Snacks with Friends

March 30th, 2010. (21 months, 4 weeks old.) by ben

I like eating snacks with my friend Hop.  He is always very gracious about my offers for snacks, but he never takes me up on them, so I get to eat them all!


Clearly, I’m going to have to find a different buddy when snacks turn to brussel sprouts!

Door Locks

March 16th, 2010. (21 months, 2 weeks old.) by ben

One of my new favorite things to do is play with the shiny knobs on the door.  Now that I know how to move the stool around, it’s no problem reaching them.  Now if I could just figure out why M&D get that worried look on their faces when I’m having so much fun.  Really Mom.  Dad?  What is it?


My Favorite Video

March 13th, 2010. (21 months, 1 week old.) by ben

I wanted to share my favorite video with all my readers.

Daddy was nice enough to take me outside to watch while he was filming, and do all the editing.  Now I can watch it over and over (Ed. Note: and over and over) on Daddy’s iPod.


PS: YouTube will let you play this as many times as you want!  Of course, you might have to ask your parents for permission.

Walk in the Woods

March 12th, 2010. (21 months, 1 week old.) by ben

I recently got to go on a walk in the woods with my friend Zoey and her mom Harriet (and Daddy) (and Mommy).


Zoey was nice enough to hold my hand so that I wouldn’t get lost.

(Ed. Note: Sorry for the fuzzy cell-phone photo…)

Hot or Not

March 6th, 2010. (21 months old.) by ben

Recently, I had an opportunity to tell Daddy what was ‘hot’ and what was not in this picture.  Pancakes, griddles, and toasters are ‘hot’ and cause ouchies.


In fact, pretty much everything on the page is hot.