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Chippys and Cheese

January 25th, 2015. (2 years old.) by andrew

Sometimes for snack we have chippys and cheese.  And now I have enough teeth to eat them!  Yummy!


Look at me Run!

January 16th, 2015. (2 years old.) by andrew

The Big Slide

January 14th, 2015. (2 years old.) by andrew

Daddy finally let me go down the big slide by myself.


Happy Birthday to Me!

January 12th, 2015. (2 years old.) by andrew

Today is my birthday – or at least that is what M&D tell me. I’m inclined to believe them since yesterday everyone sang the song and…

I got to eat a piece of yummy cake!

When can I have another birthday, M&D?

Skiing and Sledding!

January 2nd, 2015. (6 years, 7 months old.) by ben

First we went sledding! Awesome!

The next day I went to ski school.  It turns out that you can start and stop ski school any time, unlike regular school.  Cool!

At ski school, they have a Magic Carpet that takes you up the hill:

I learned to make a pizza so I could stop and turn.

Maybe I’ll be ready for the big slopes next time!