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Visit to Armstrong Woods

June 29th, 2013. (5 years old.) by ben

Some friends and I took a trip to Armstrong Woods to see – and climb on – the big trees.

We had a great time!

Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Harris

June 27th, 2013. (5 months, 2 weeks old.) by andrew

Grandma and Grandpa came to the house for a couple of days so they could hold me and tell me how cute I am.

I just love it when they do that.  They can come back any time!

Playing with Andrew

June 24th, 2013. (5 years old.) by ben

Today I got to be a good big brother and help keep Andrew busy by handing him toys.

He sure likes it when you do that!

5th Birthday

June 19th, 2013. (5 years old.) by ben

Grandpa and Nana came up to visit for my birthday.  They got me some Legos and Thomas trains which I started playing with immediately!

Later we had a few friends over for a party.  Mommy made two cakes: chocolate and vanilla!

And now the best part!   Mmmmmmm…..

(Ed. Note: Sorry for the late posting on this one…)

Shower with Daddy

June 16th, 2013. (5 months old.) by andrew

D-d-d-daddy!?  You’re n-n-not going to put me in th-th-that, are you??

(Ed. Note: Yes, Andrew.  Because you need it!)

Meet my Animals

June 16th, 2013. (5 months old.) by andrew

I have some friendly animals that sometimes come to visit me when I’m lying in bed.

I talk to them to keep them company!

Summer Slip Slidin’

June 14th, 2013. (5 years old.) by ben

We went to the Thomassons’ house for dinner, and they have a slip-n-slide.  After a lot of running around the yard, I was ready to try running and slipping!

Here I am, going for it!

This is really a bit scarier than it looks.

I tried not looking to see if that would make it any better…

That doesn’t really work too well.  Better to keep your eyes open…

After a while I got the hang of it!  Yay!  (Woaaahhhh!)

Five Months Old

June 12th, 2013. (5 months old.) by andrew

And very happy about it!

(Ed. Note: Andrew is really coming along.  He’s grabbing stuff and learning to roll over.  He likes returning smiles he gets.  I can even get him giggling if I try hard enough!)


June 9th, 2013. (5 years old.) by ben

I wanted to grow some corn in the garden this year, so Mommy made some space for me.

Look like they’re coming along – they’re taller than me!

Safari West Field Trip

June 7th, 2013. (5 years old.) by ben

The Penguins went on a field trip to Safari West!  It was fun and exciting to see all of the strange animals, like these lemurs.

My favorite was the flamingos.  They have a very pretty color.

They had lots of monkeys of all different kinds.

For the second part of the trip, we rode on a bus with no sides out to where the giraffes and rhinos were!  There were also addax, bongos, kudu, and a red river hog.

The giraffes were very tall – and friendly.  They came right up to visit with us and say hello!