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December 25th, 2013. (5 years, 6 months old.) by ben

For Christmas, I got lots of Legos.  First, my WWII airplane, which can hold two passengers, and you can make the propeller turn by pushing the tail wheel!  (And of course, I’d already gotten some great sets from Grandpa and Nana!)

Grandma and Grandpa Harris came to visit for Christmas Day, and they got me the cargo airplane set.  It has a gigantic cargo jet plane, and a cargo loader, fuel truck, fork lift, control tower, and cargo!  I have a whole airport now!

It wasn’t all presents, though.  Grandma got to do some visiting with goo-goo bear while she was here.  (Is that a Lego he’s holding?)

It was great to see you, Grandma and Grandpa!

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  1. comment number 1 by: Barbara

    Andyroo and Ben sure have great family who come to visit them (and Mom and Dad) during the holidays! Luv, Ma